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Everyone is abuzz about the new Lone Ranger Movie Coming Out. This is going to be an awesome movie, especially with Johnny Depp playing Tonto. He brings a special something to each of the characters he plays.

Tonto – The Lone Rangers Most Trusted Ally

Tanto is a figure from the Lone Ranger television and radio show and now the movie. There are two stories explaining who he is, but the most accepted version is that he finds a party of ambushed rangers, with the Lone Ranger being the only survivor in the party. Tonto recognizes him as someone who once saved his own life when they were boys. Tonto refers to the Ranger as Ke-mo sah-bee, which means faithful scout. Tonto helps the ranger dig graves for the deceased rangers, but the Lone Ranger asks him to also dig a grave for himself, so he can walk through life with people believing he has actually died.

Tonto is incredibly intelligent and is the equal partner to the Lone Ranger, rather than a helper. It is only by working together that they can right whichever wrong they may come across. It is believed that Tonto is a member of the Potawatomi tribe and that his name means “wild one”. However, this is likely to be historically inaccurate, since his geographical location and clothing is different from that of the real Potawatomi tribe. There is some controversy about whether the depiction of Tanto in the original Lone Ranger stories is actually somewhat degenerative towards Native Americans, but this does not seem to be in keeping with the strict moral code that guides the Lone Ranger, being that all people are created equal, regardless of their origin. If anything, the story is a beautiful one that describes that people of different cultures can still have the same moral codes.